honestly you are the biggest asshole like you bottle shit up more than i do and you only let it out when youre ready to leave me,you dont even want to compromise or consider that i have a different way of handling shit than you

who fuck ing cares if you are working and i am not or if you have graduated earliwr than i have? fuck you and ur elitist shit ass attitude yr so fucking annoying when you do that fuck you

i am actually mentally and emotionally overwhelmed by this dumb bullshit at school i flip flop between thoughts of dropping out and suicide when it gets too much for me you fucking tablecloth

also youre breaking up with me AGAIN like a year after the last time you broke up with me like why am i not even surprised

ALSO you are breaking up with me agai because ONCE AGAIN i am not what you want like you know what fuck you i swear to spacegod if we get back together in 6 months i am not dealing with this bullshit again come july you are a fucking asshole and you can lick my fucking diseased brain

you are not fair or reasonable and i love your dipshit ass like fuck you and your moodswingy bullshit i love you but you dont wven want to be with me eat a fucking toenail you are an asshole